Why our resume service

Your resume will be viewed as a marketing tool rather than just a text description of your employment history, skills and qualifications.

As with any marketing tool it is about selling yourself in the most attractive way possible, and to do that we understanding what drives employers today. 

A solutions orientated documents designed to grab the intention of the recruiter quickly and effectively.

We focus on language and words that have an influence psychologically on the reader.

We project your profile to solve key company problems and add value to the bottom line.  

Our Success Stories.....

"Paving the way to getting a new job... Mr Ranieri has used his job searching techniques and human resources skills to write a book to help others."
Nina Lees - The Courier Newspaper

 "Anthony, you told my career story far more decisively than I could tell it myself.  I am EXCITED!"
Patricia Young - Business Analyst

 "I thought I had done a good job with my resume, but only after getting some expert help did I find out how much my resume had to be revamped.  Resume service helped a lot in identifying what needed to be improved and how much it can help in getting the interviews." 
Asraar Raja - Accountant

"Getting my resume done by Anthony was one of the best investments I have ever made. It took me only 3 weeks to land my 1st successful job and I can't be more happier with the outcome for the small price I paid to get my resume done."
Kanishka Wanasundera - IT Professional