4 - Step Resume Process

Transform your resume in an easy 4 step process and resurrect it...

  1. Choose your resume service your require based on your level of work...because not all resumes were made equal!


  1. Pay for your service using PayPal...now that's secure!


  1. Upload your current resume to our upload form...you will be directed there after payment.


  1. You will be contacted in 24 hours to discuss your job search strategy and how your resume can be tailored to suite your needs...lets resurrect!


Your resume transformation commences with drafting and revision. Guaranteed to be completed between within 5 working days


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Pricing Options

We understand that most people already have a base resume template and re-inventing the wheel from scratch is unnecessary. We Start with your base resume template when developing your new resume...with 3 n0-nonsense packages to choose from based on your level of work...because not all resumes were made equal...

 Resume Resurrect Base

Are you working in an administrative role such as administrator, secretary or

 Resume Resurrect Pro

Are you working in a professional; accountant, engineer, sales & marketing professional, advisor, team leader or supervisor...$350

 Resume Resurrect Mgr

Are you working as a manager of people such as  manager or senior manager...$450

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Cover Letter Service

Every great resume comes with a companion to announce your credential..our cover letter service will work in sync with your resume to produce the perfect bundle...

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Bundle Resume & Cover Letter Service

Bundle your resume and cover letter to save $20 off the regular price...choose from your level of work below for a combined purchase price.

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