So...I guess I have not told you everything...

  1. What if I don't fit into the 3 no-nonsense packages in terms of level of work?

Our objective is to help you achieve your outcomes and not exclude you...and if you don't fit into the 3 packages in terms of level of work, contact us through the contact form detailing your current role and field of expertise... and we will match your level of work.

  1. I am having trouble with the upload form and cant send you my resume.

If you are experiencing problems uploading your base resume through our resume upload page; navigate to the form and try again, alternatively contact us by email and we can send you an email link to the form which may help. Y0u can also attach your resume document by email attachment....somehow we will get your document!

  1. How do I know you will do a good job with my resume resurrection?

We have been building resumes for clients since 2003 and our methodology has been built around our experience. We are human resource professionals with over 20 years experience and understand what recruiters look for in candidates. The founder of this business has written many articles and a successful job search book published by Random House in 2005. You can read more about the business owner of resume resurrect at WordPress. Read our feedback also in our success stories page.

  1. What will my resume template look like?

Our template is proprietary information and we don't share samples on our web site. It has been developed over many years and refined to meet the standards of conventions of Australian recruiters.  There are 2 types of resumes we use, chronological and functional. The most common type is a chronological resume, however, if you are thinking of switching roles or careers, then your transferable skills are better portrayed in a functional resume. The resume templates are tailored to the individual and backed by our guarantee...because not all resumes were made equal!

  1. Are my details confidential and private?

Our privacy page contains our privacy policy. We don not share your resume details with recruiters or forward your information to any 3rd party. Our service is strictly confidential.

  1. What do you mean...not all resumes were made equal?

This is not a marketing phrase...but a true representation of how a resume should be crafted. Every resume is different in content and must reflect the career aspirations of the individual. Their job search objectives, target audience and industry sectors are just a few examples. So every resume has a unique touch that is tailored to the person and their aspiration. To achieve this means writing a resume from a different  perspective and awareness of what the person hopes to achieve in their job search.

  1. What we are not...

- We are not a secretarial service or mum working from home
- We are not a marketing business generating spin words
- We are not unemployed authors trying to cut out a living writing beautiful words
- We are not a recruitment company with nothing better to do
- We don't use resume software to spit our resumes by their bucket load
- We are not a resume franchise with an 1800 number

  1. What about our fee structure and methods of payment?

We keep our fees low compared to our competitors because we do not operate out of fancy offices and our overheads are low. We are an Australian and new style virtual business that does not require a fixed office location. So you don't  pay for our rent, electricity and receptionist in the fee structure...the savings are forwarded onto you...which does not alter our service commitment.

Although PayPal is our preferred method of payment, we also accept payments by direct deposit into our bank account. Just contact us to advise that you wish to pay by direct deposit and we will send you our bank details.

  1. What about our other services?

Sure...we do cover letters also on request and assist with responding to key selection criteria...just contact us with your needs.

  1. Do you guarantee your service

Yes, we stand by our quality of work and achieving the best outcome for individuals. However, a well written resume does not guarantee a job; there are other factors such as interview performance and job search networking skills that play an equal part. If you are not satisfied with your resume during the first 14 days and we have not rectified your concerns, the resume fee will be refunded and your resume document files will need to be deleted by you.

E-mail: info@jobweb.com.au