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Anthony Ranieri is an Australian human resources professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources. He has worked in a variety of senior management positions in human resources and is based in Melbourne. He is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Human Resource Institute.

His first book, How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks, was published in 2003 by Tandem Press in Australia and New Zealand. This book is now in its second edition. Working in the human resource area helped Anthony look at the world of work in a creative way by focusing on some of his most unusual experiences.

He is the founder of Jobweb Australia, an Australian registered business based in Melbourne. He launched Resume Resurrect in 2012 to meet the specialist demands of clients seeking resume development support. Anthony has been writing resumes since 2005 for a diverse group of professions across a range of industry sectors.

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Anthony Ranieri

Anthony Ranieri

Experienced resume writer and human resources professional.
Founder of 6 week job search system and author of How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks.