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I'm Anthony Ranieri, the Author of How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks, and whether your here to learn more about job search techniques or  just share in the knowledge of Australian jobs search....welcome to my page. My book was first published in 2005 and distributed across Australia and New Zealand. It also became popular with job hunters outside Australia that had an interest in tapping into the Australian job market. In 2012, the 2nd edition was launched with a kindle version for download directly from Amazon and a new hardcopy version, containing updated new material relevant to the changes in the job market today....


The TRUTH about Australian job search is revealed in this revised 2nd edition of the book, How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks. The facts you should know about how elite job hunters get the best jobs...and what other Australian job sites don't tell you...


You will discover how elite job hunters get the best jobs You will see how the best jobs go to those that are good at getting jobs! How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks will explode the myths and show you why traditional job search techniques no longer work in today's Australian job market.


A practical and no nonsense 6 week job system, armed with techniques, guaranteed to fast-track your job prospects.



Presentation by Anthony Ranieri


Learn how to access the hidden job market and increase your chances of getting that job by 75%

√ Keep
up to date with over 20 pages of new material in the 2012
revised edition

Save thousands from employment downtime associated with job transition and career change

This book unleashes new job search secrets and shows you....


1. How to develop and apply essential job search skills quickly, simply and effectively without wasting any further precious time 


2. How to write killer application letters and resumes that get jobs in Australia


3. The mystery behind the hidden job market...and why you're missing out on 75% of jobs in Australia not advertised


4. A proven strategy on how to master your responses to an interview technique used by most employers today


5. New survival tactics for managing the pitfalls of redundancy...turn your situation around and you can even prosper from the experience!


How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks has a self-help format with plenty of exercises, tips and tricks to get you moving quickly into job-hunting mode. This approach has proved successful in getting job hunters back on their feet and into jobs.


There is nothing contained in this book I have not personally applied...


How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks was written from my own experiences over 15 years in Australian job search. My techniques have been tested by myself and others I have coached and mentored. I have studied the techniques of many experts to get to this point. It took me years to get here and I am going to share my experiences with you in this amazing  book. Many job hunting books on the market are not practical. They have little appreciation about the frustrations involved in job search in Australia or indeed  why people look for work in the first place.  They are unable to come to terms with the notion that job hunters can have everyday pressures and responsibilities and generally need to find work quickly, simply and effectively. Do you have  3 months to waste analysing your career?...time is money and time is precious!

The 12 key indicators that contribute to unsuccessful job search outcomes...  


There are 12 indicators that usually show you are failing in your job search activity and could contribute to an uneventful job search outcome:   


1. Are your constantly not getting the first interview? Is your strike rate of interview per application less than 70% on average?


2. Has your job search taken you beyond 6-8 weeks time frame and are you running out of options?


3. Do you have limited writing skills in putting together a covering letter and resume? 


4. Are you just using traditional methods in your job search such as reading the job classifieds in the print media (only approximately 25% of jobs are advertised this way)?


5. Are you having difficulty answering tricky interview questions and performing badly at interviews?


6. Do you want to visit or migrate to Australia/New Zealand and seek temporary or permanent work, however, you are not clear about Australian job search?


7. Have you left your last job in difficult circumstances and not sure how to maneuver you next job search strategy?


8. Are you from outside Australia/New Zealand and having trouble getting a jobs in Australia?


9. Are you compromising for equal or lower paid positions because you are finding it difficult to source the best jobs in the market place?


10. Do you lack the initiative or job search know how to move on quickly from a job you are sick of?


11. Do you want to change your career path and try something else but are unsure about where to start?


12. Have you been made redundant or laid off in your current role and need job search skills quickly to get you back into the job market? 


What you need to get over your job search short comings....


It's crazy... but I believe sometimes we are at a disadvantage simply because we are not aware of the system we operate in and the techniques others use to become effective in job search. Good jobs are also becoming more difficult to obtain and the market is more competitive than ever before. So you need that extra edge now more than ever before! The job market is big enough for all of us and we have a fundamental right to contest the best jobs on a equal footing with everyone else.  Unfortunately, in the world of job hunting, the best jobs go to people that are good at getting jobs and using the system creatively to its fullest potential. These are the people I describe as "in the know!" This book contains 5 easy chapters divided into key topic areas so that you can move from one topic to the other depending on your personal needs and circumstances.

Here are the key topics as they are listed in my book....

Intro - 5 Key Critical Success Factors to Job Search Success

Chapter One - Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Chapter Two - Letter Writing Skills and Resume Presentation

Chapter Three - Interview and Presentation Skills

Chapter Four - How to Increase your Salary Package

Chapter Five - Your Career Options


Here are the 15 job search techniques I am going to show you that will kick-start your new career immediately...

1. Do you know you have only been 25% effective! Let me show you how to tap into the hidden job market and access 75% of jobs you did not realise existed

2. The 10 key behavioural questions you must master at interviews that will give you back control of the process. For once in your life you will be in the drivers seat and glide tough interviews with glaring confidence!

3. How to write killer dynamic resumes, covering and follow-up letters that avoid the recruiters scrap heap and increase their attention span by at least 50%!

4.The truth about applying for a job when leaving a company in difficult circumstances. I wills show you ways to avoid the pitfalls that await you. Overcome the tricks designed by recruiters to catch you and send you packing

5. If you are from outside Australia, don't be fooled, the Australian job market operates on different principles to other western countries. I will show you how to jump start your Australian job search that will cut your learning curve down considerably

6. A simple technique to assist you negotiate a 10% increase in your salary before you receive a new job offer....We reveal a technique on how to get the same industry knowledge that recruiters have when compiling salaried data

7. How to make sure you apply your projection and profile at interviews so that you can tell employers what they want to hear... and leave them grasping to get you back for another interview!

8. The staggering truth about different job search methods and how to apply new and effective job search techniques. I will reveal the 6 basic lies you have been told about getting a new job!

9. Simple alternatives you should apply to achieving self-fulfillment in your career. I will show you how to evaluate your career options during the career change process that will provide you with more options, outside your current profession

10.How to master the internet as an underrated job search medium.... and an absolute guide to finding the best jobs on the internet immediately

11. Discover the 4 key steps to applying networking principles in your job search. A powerful tool that is so effective it sends job seekers spinning with joy!

12. Yes, you do have rights! I will show you a simple technique for establishing your rights at interviews and dealing with discriminatory interviewers....because not all interviews are as experienced as you think

13. How to establish your true worth and set your salary expectations based on factual and current data. I will show how the salary negotiation process does not have to be one sided in favour of employers just because you don't have the right information

14. How to manage your career if you are being managed for poor performance at work

15. The 5 key success factors for managing redundancy and getting your life back on track quickly and effectively. These tactics are so effective you will look back in hindsight and wonder what all the worry was about!


About this Australian job search publication...


Only available in PDF and Kindle eBook format on this web site. This book has been professionally edited by my publisher, and more importantly, it has gone through the quality control required for a high standard of publishing. This is in contrast to many eBooks on the market that have not undergone any real scrutiny at all. Over 170 pages of information condensed in an easy and practical eBook.


Our ISBN number is 978-0-646-58931-2 (2nd edition) 2012


I have chosen a self-help format with plenty of exercises, tips and tricks to get you moving quickly into job hunting mode...and no one else wrote a single word of this book. A little known secret in writing is that a majority of information products are ghost-written by someone other than the expert...even when you're expecting to receive job search information that can be the life or death of your next career move...


So what are you waiting for?


Have a peek at the book and download it here for free.


Purchase and download your electronic copy below and make a positive step change to your career in minutes! 





  • Australian Job Search Book in PDF Download Format

  •       How to Find a Job Book Cover
  • How to Find a Job in 6 weeks
  • ISBN:978-0-646-90252-4
    2nd Edition 2012



  • Australian Job Search Book in Paperback 2nd Edition

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  • Australian Job Search Book in PDF Format
  • How to Find a Job Book Cover
  • How to Find a Job in 6 weeks
  • ISBN:978-0-646-90252-4
  • 2nd Edition 2012




  • Amazon Kindle
  • The Kindle is Amazon's
  • e-reader device
  • that allows users to download and view digital eBook versions of all sorts of print publications





Australian Job Search Book in Paperback 2nd Edition